The History of Rock Music

The History of Rock Music

Rock music is one of the popular genres of music that is enjoyed today by the people all over the world. Now, let us look into the birth and history of the rock music. The origination of the rock music dates back to 1960s. It was during these years, a new type of music called Electric Blues was very popular among the slum people of the America. Then, Electric Blues went to Britain, where it was evolved and came back again to America as Rock music. Rock music became very popular in both America and Britain and then it quickly became popular throughout the world.

The Rock music spread to other continents in different variations such as Hard Rock, Art Rock, Heavy Metal Psychedelic Rock and many more. There is great love between Britain and Rock music. Though evolved from Blues music of America, the Rock was actually born in Britain only. During the 1960’s, there were many Blues music bands in Britain. The most notable band for Blues during the 1960s is The Rolling Stones, which had its name after Muddy Water classic songs.

Initially, the Stones band was satisfied with producing Blues music. However, over the point of time, the band was in a need to produce a new variety of music. They mixed British pop art music and American Blues to give a new concept of music called Rock. Though this band was the reason for originating Rock music concept, ‘The Who’ was the first band that came out as exclusive Rock band. Their energetic live performance made people feel electrified and go mad. The Who band fused bass guitar and drums for creating a banging rock music.

Another development in Rock music happened when Pink Floyd created a new form of Rock music in 1966 called psychedelic art rock. The Rock became popular among youth soon after it was originated. Today, Rock music has fans all over the world.

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