Simple Ways to Build your Fan Base

Simple Ways to Build your Fan Base

If you have started to play with your band members, then you should have a strong and supportive crowd to encourage and move you forward. It will be disappointing if you do not have a large fan base. Well, you have to do some basic homework to bring crowds to your place. You have to do everything as you do on a normal basis.

It includes posting stuff online, sharing dates in the social networking site, making people visit your website, and play gigs. You have to ensure to make use of every opportunity you come across. There are several ways to contact them and inform about your band. Here sharing some simple ways you could follow.

Ensure to share your contact details: You would be giving out CD’s and also business cards. Ensure to add your contact details in a clear manner. If it is not clear or right, then it is sure you would be misleading a small group of contacts. It is best to mention clearly like ‘follow our Twitter page! Here is our office address…’

Give free stuff: Most people fail to do this step. If you want to take your band to the next level, then you need to follow this for sure. You can combine business cards and CD’s and share for free of cost. Maybe, you can send the links online where the visitor clicks your website and get for free for cost. It has worked well for several bands.

Get email addresses: It is well known that Facebook and other social networking site control on when and how you contact the followers. As they are providing the service, you cannot expect much from the networking site. It is advisable to get the email id and get in touch with your followers and fans via email. It is simple to email, and you can send emails as per to your convenience.

Use app –Bands in Town: It is the best app where you can update and share about your band. It can be connected with your Facebook, and you can add the booked information in the apps. It has two great tools – an email notification feature and nice looking widget.

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