How to Promote your Band in the Digital World?

How to Promote your Band in the Digital World?

One of the long time puzzles was how to make people get aware of your band. It is common to see un-listened audio CD’s piled up in large number. As a professional you should know how to pass through the bad and find a right way to promote the band.

Luckily, we have found some simple routes to promote and make people aware of the band. Here in this blog, we will be discussing the simple routes in brief.


Why use ReverbNation?

Create a website for your band and all your details in the profile page. It should be attractive as it is going to be major social networking page. You can add your music files, video files and host music. You can even associate with other bands.

Create an electronic press kit. It will help to display your assets in a stylish and slick way.

Submit your acceptance to several opportunities ranging getting displayed in a famous music blog, free recordings, record deals and television airplay.

A crowd review is important to improve your public image. Ensure to get it done. It is almost like a market research where you will be given scores as per your market image.

What is the best part in ReverbNation?

It is easy to set up EPK. It looks slick and simple. It is not free, but the charges are very reasonable.

The crowd reviews are very useful. You will get to know about your performance and music in the best way. The feedback can encourage you and make you move forward.

Music Xray

Why use it?
It helps in finding opportunities. You can submit your music to the website where it remains open for industry professionals and song critiques. They will approach you if they find it pleasing and suitable.

The fan match is amazing. You can find a large number of fans for your music. It will help you to stand out of the crowd.

Why is Music Xray best?

The opportunities through this website are pretty good. For example, you can get opportunities for radio airplay and television.

The guys administering and running the website are super responsive and helpful. It is amazing to see their personalized emails with lots of suggestions and advice.

As the majority of opportunities in this website are a website, you will have to thin twice before applying. In the end, the professionals get enough submissions. They have enough time to provide feedback if you are not selected. For example, the feedback would be like this, ‘sorry your music was good; we wish to select you next time’.

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